Pool Cleaning Services

With the commotion of daily life, who has time to be dealing with a dirty swimming pool.... We do! Whether you need a one-time clean to get ready for your pool party, or just don’t have time for the weekly mundane netting and chemical balancing, we have the right pool cleaning services for you. So give us a call and spend less time cleaning your pool and more time in it. We have offices in Fort Worth and Weatherford and service Tarrant, Parker, Denton & Wise Counties.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Services


Our full service includes:

  • All standard chemicals are included
  • Check and adjust needed water chemistry
  • Net pool of any debris
  • Brush tile line, stairs and seats
  • Empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets, cleaner bag and screen
  • Backwash filter, vacuum and brush surface as needed
  • Perform a visual inspection of pool equipment
  • Lubricate moving o-rings as needed

Drain & Clean Pool Services

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This service includes:

  • Drain pool with a submersible pump
  • Remove remaining debris from your pool
  • Clean surface and tile with power washer
  • Clean the pool filter
  • Start refill process
  • Return with startup chemicals once pool is full

Pool Filter Cleaning Services


This service includes:

  • Disassembly of the filter
  • Removal and separation of girds/cartridges
  • Thorough cleaning of media (removal of dirt and debris)
  • Visual inspection of the filter components
  • Notify customer of any necessary filter repairs
  • Reassemble the filter
  • Recharge media (DE only)

One Time Pool Cleaning Services

  • The intent of this pool cleaning service is to get your pool back to a manageable condition or ready for your special event. For this reason, pricing and included services are tailored to your individual pool’s needs. Please contact us for additional information.