Pool Cleaning Service Fort Worth, TX

Tired of spending your time cleaning and maintaining your pool? Let the professionals at WaterTex Pools protect your investment and save you time by letting them handle all your pool cleaning & service needs. Our team of experts has over 18 years of experience cleaning and servicing pools in Fort Worth and the surrounding communities.

Why spend hours traveling from pool store to pool store in Fort Worth, searching for the right chemicals and getting your water tested? WaterTex Pools takes the guesswork out of maintaining your pool and puts the fun back in your pool.

From Roanoke to Benbrook, Euless to Lake Worth and all places in between WaterTex Pools is the team to keep your pool sparkling and well serviced.

Our full pool service includes:

  • All standard chemicals included
  • Check and adjust water chemistry
  • Net pool of any debris
  • Brush tile line, stairs and seats
  • Empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets, cleaner bag and screen
  • Backwash filter, vacuum and brush surface as needed
  • Perform a visual inspection of pool equipment
  • Lubricate moving o-rings as needed
Fort Worth Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Fort Worth Facts

According to the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau where we excerpted this from, Fort Worth, Texas is the City of Cowboys & Culture is the 16th-largest city in the United States and part of the No. 1 tourist destination in Texas, welcoming 8.8 million visitors annually. Fort Worth, Texas is comprised of seven primary entertainment districts each offering distinct dining, shopping, entertainment, and cultural amenities. In only a few days you can enjoy a range of experiences: from NASCAR racing to rodeos, world-class museums to cowboy cuisine, boutique shopping to a Top 5 Zoo, biking to horseback riding. Explore each of our unique districts to see what Fort Worth has to offer you. Please visit the Fort Worth CVB website for events and more info.

Some of Fort Worth's most popular neighborhoods include: Arlington Heights, Rivercrest, Fairmount, Westover Hills and Westcliff.