Swimming Pool Filter Repair

Is your swimming pool a green, algae filled stagnant pond? It could be that your swimming pool filter is not properly working.  Swimming pool filters are extremely important to the proper function of your pool. A properly functioning pool filter will help remove pollutants and ensure your pool has clear, clean water.

What Are Common Issues with Swimming Pool Filters?

  • The Pool Filter is Not Making Clean Water – Your pool filter may not be doing its job, and there may be a number of reasons for this.  First, the filter may not be the issue at all. The filtration medium may not be the right size, the pump may not be working, the skimmer may be clogged, sanitizer and chemicals may not be at the right levels.
  • The Pool Filter May Need to Be Cleaned – Newer pool filters have been designed to last for many years no matter what the type. If you have to clean them often this means that the filtration system may not be doing its job. The filtration medium, whether it is sand, diatomaceous earth or cartridge maybe losing its effectiveness and is due for replacement.
  • The Filtration Medium is Seen in the Pool – It is not uncommon to see trace amounts of filtration medium in the pool. If there is a lot, this means that there could be a tear in the filter fabric, there is a crack or a loose bolt.
  • The Pool Filter Pressure is Too Low or Too High – Usually if the pressure gauge is too low or high, this means something is clogged somewhere. When the reading is low, this means the clog is before the filter. If the reading is high, the clog is at the filter or after it.