Swimming Pool Equipment Repair in Highland Park, Tx

Spend more time enjoying your pool!

WaterTex Pools provides expert swimming pool equipment repair in Highland Park, Tx and the surrounding neighborhoods. We service and repair any electrical, mechanical, and plumbing issues you may have with your swimming pool.

Our technicians are masters at swimming pool equipment repair in Highland Park, Tx. Your family’s fun and safety are most important to us, so we insist on fixing your swimming pool equipment right every time.

WaterTex Repairs All Makes & Models:

Swimming Pool Equipment Repair in Highland Park, TX

For a professional pool company near Highland Park, Tx, contact WaterTex Pools today!

Highland Park, Tx

Swimming Pool Pump Repair

Our Highland Park, Tx pool techs are knowledgeable in all brands and models of swimming pool pumps, including Pentair, Jandy or Hayward. Whether you have a single speed, two speed, or variable speed pump, we have the ability to get your pool flowing to optimize its full potential.

Swimming Pool Heater Repair

This area of our industry requires an advanced skill set. For over 18 years our heater technician has been committed to yearly ongoing pool heater technical training.  The safety of your Highland Park, Tx family is our number one priority; you can rest assured that WaterTex Pools cuts no corners.

Swimming Pool Electrical Issues

With most human beings deathly afraid of electricity, (not without good reason) this is one area even the do-it-yourselfers stay away from! Don’t worry, we can help! Not only are we qualified and licensed to diagnose and repair your swimming pool’s electrical problems, we enjoy the challenges that can come with electrical issues.

Pool Filter Maintenance and Replacement

With the heart of the pool being the filter, this vital organ is essential to a crystal-clear swimming pool. Whether you have a DE, cartridge or a sand filter, we have the necessary skills to quickly diagnose and repair your pool filter, to get your pool back to the clarity you deserve.

For a local pool repair company near Highland Park, Tx, contact WaterTex Pools today!

Swimming Pool Plumbing Leaks

With the pool party right around the corner and water flooding your yard, plumbing issues always have a way of popping up at the least opportune time. Whether you have a simple cracked fitting, or a complex vacuum leak, our considerable experience with swimming pool hydraulics assures you that we will get to the root of your pool plumbing problems.

Swimming Pool Automation

We love pool automation! Our technicians have the experience to get your old automation system back up and going or bring you up to speed with a pool you can control from anywhere with your smart-phone or computer. Now you can check on your pool while on vacation, or have your spa heated by the time you get home from dinner.

Salt Systems for Your Pool

Saltwater pools are really popular in Highland Park, Tx. With the affordability of adding a salt system to your pool, who wants irritated skin, itchy eyes or damaged hair? With systems for every budget, we can get you swimming in comfort in no time.

We Just Love Our Customers!

“I have used WaterTex Pools and now will not use anyone else. My pump stopped working. I don’t know anything about pool stuff but how to swim. I contacted them and they came out the next day. Turns out a bad motor that they warranted from Hayward. They were honest and professional. Being uncomfortable about the pool stuff, I felt at ease when they were all done.

Some time later my pump stopped. I contacted them and they had a full schedule. They said they could walk me through a test, which we did on the phone right then, turns out a pebble was stuck in the propeller. It worked, they came out the next day to make sure it was nothing else. He didn’t even charge me! Good service is hard to come by, but WaterTex are now my pool guys.”

Ron S.

“I had my pool light replaced and my DE filter clean done by WaterTex Pools, it was easy to schedule and the technician arrived on time. The work was completed without any issues. I would call them again for any future work.”

Patti F.

“Fifteen years ago, we purchased our current home. The home came with a large in-ground swimming pool, equipped with pump, filter, heater and a 250 gal propane tank. We had never before owned a swimming pool, so the learning period was quite lengthy. The previous owners were using a commercial service that was quite expensive. That service, while they come weekly to clean the return baskets for an average of 5-10 minutes, never really checked the equipment or other aspects of proper maintenance, which over time, resulted in some very expensive repairs.

After a couple of years, we discontinued that service and switched.  It was obvious from his first visit that they were highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. I learned rather quickly that owning such a pool, while enjoyable in summer weather, required a great deal of knowledge and expertise. They have responded every time and taken great care regardless of whether it was just matter of cleaning the filter, or equipment malfunction. They also take time to fully explain, in terms I can understand, how all the equipment functions and what to do in an emergency situation until he can get here..

There is more to just using and depending on WaterTex Pools expertise. We have found them to be a very kind, understanding, patient, reliable and friendly. As I mentioned, they have taught me a lot on what to do when a problem arises. He has also been accessible via phone or text with almost immediate response.

WaterTex Pools, in our opinion has the most knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, and personable pool technician that anyone with a pool could ever hope for. If you own a pool and/or spa and need help, They’re your guys!”

Jeff B.

If you need Highland Park, Tx pool servicing, pool cleaning, equipment repair, new mastic, plumbing and leak detection, electrical pool work or any other service, WaterTex pools is here to be your local reliable ‘go to’ pool company!