Swimming Pool Pump Repair

Water Tex Pools are experts in repairing and replacing swimming pool pumps. With over 18 years of experience in repairing and replacing swimming pool pumps in the Fort Worth, Dallas and Weatherford, Texas area. The pool pump is an important piece of equipment needed to keep your pool water clean, warm and hygienic. Once the pool pump malfunctioned or worst, it burns out, there are alternatives that could be done. There are sometimes complicated problems and troubles that only experts could be trusted on these matters, especially on the electrical aspects. Most manufacturers estimate the service life of their pool pump motors at 8-10 years. If you are seeing issues with your swimming pool pump, it is important to contact us at 817-779-8006 or contact us.

Common Swimming Pool Pump Issues

  • The Pool Pump is Making Loud Screeching Noises – Screeching or gargling noise can be frustrating for pool owners and surrounding neighbors. These loud noises can be a sign of a couple of different things, but a majority of the time the pump is not getting a lot of water through it. We will address the suction in your lines. If the lines are clogged or closed off this could be a cause of the screeching noise. One quick check is looking at the skimmers to see if they are clogged. One thing that is not common, could be that the pool pump could be too powerful for your swimming pool, we can easily help you in determining this and replace it with a less powerful pump. Generally, when a pool pump is defective or at the end of it’s life cycle the bearings get worn down. We can repair the swimming pool pump by replacing the bearing, but installing a new pool pump is the common decision because the cost is similar to the repair.
  • The Pool Pump is Leaking Water – The most common causes of a pool pump leak is a pressure-side leak.  We will inspect all the o-rings and seals. If there is a worn o-ring or cracked seal, we can repair whatever may be causing the link. We do not recommend opening up your pump if you do not know what you are doing. We will be glad to come out and fix whatever may be causing your pool pump to link.
  • The Pool Pump Basket is Not Filling Up with Water – If the pool pump basket is not filling up with water then you can give us a call to determine the issue may be. There can be a number of reasons why the pool pump basket is not filling up with water. It is important that you contact a swimming pool equipment repair company like Water Tex Pools in order to properly fix a pool pump basket that is not filling up with water.
  • The Pool Pump Will Not Start and is Making a Humming Noise – Many times there is debris that is clogging the swimming pool pump, but there could be an issue with the pump itself. It is important to contact a swimming pool equipment repair specialist.
  • The Pool Pump is Sucking Air – Your pool pump needs to be air tight in order to properly function. The common quick fix is to simply tighten the lid, but if that does not fix it, then you may have a more serious issue. Broken seals, cracks or faulty rings can possibly cause the pool pump to suck air.
  • The Pool Pump Motor is Not Working – Many times the pool pump motor will burn out or there is a bad capacitor. It is very important that you have professionals replace or repair the motor. One thing that you should look into, is to see if there is an electrical malfunction.
  • The Pool Pump Flow Rate is Low – Most of the times there is debris blocking the pool pump from functioning properly. If you do not know exactly how to remove debris it is important that you do not try and handle this yourself.

Common Reasons for Pool Pump Failure

Like all things a swimming pool pump will not last forever. To avoid anything improperly being done, it is important that you contact a pool equipment repair company to fix your broken pool pump. Here are some common reasons for pool pump failure:

  • Bearings Wearing Out
  • Clogged Impeller
  • No Water in the Pump
  • Electrical Issues
  • Piping System Issues
  • Overheated Motor
  • Burnt Out Motor
  • Non-Lubricated Bearings
  • Broken or Cracked Seals

New pool pump technology are more energy efficient and made through state-of-the-art technology. Contact Water Tex Pools if you would like to have your pool pump replaced or repaired.