Pool Cleaning Services

Do you despise cleaning your pool filters?

Let WaterTex do that for you so you and put the joy back into your life!


Has your pool gotten so dirty that it can't be cleaned with chemicals?

Are the walls of your pool coated in grime or spots?

Then we have a solution for you! Our full drain & clean services allow our technicians to completely renew the chemistry in your pool and clean the walls and floor of your pool in ways chemicals just can't.


We have offices in Fort Worth and Weatherford and service Tarrant, Parker, Denton & Wise Counties to serve all your pool related needs.


* We do not do weekly pool maintenance but are happy to refer you to high quality technicians that do.

This service includes:

  • Drain pool with a submersible pump
  • Remove remaining debris from your pool
  • Clean surface and tile with power washer
  • Clean the pool filter
  • Start refill process
  • Return with startup chemicals once pool is full

This service includes:

  • Disassembly of the filter
  • Removal and separation of girds/cartridges
  • Thorough cleaning of media (removal of dirt and debris)
  • Visual inspection of the filter components
  • Notify customer of any necessary filter repairs
  • Reassemble the filter
  • Recharge media (DE only)