Pool Equipment Repair Services

Swimming Pool Pumps

Our techs are knowledgeable in all brands and models of swimming pool pumps, including: Pentair, Jandy or Hayward. Whether you have a single speed, two speed, or variable speed pump, we have the ability to get your pool flowing to optimize its full potential.

Swimming Pool Filters

With the heart of the pool being the filter, maintenance of this vital organ is essential to a crystal clear swimming pool. Whether you have a DE, cartridge or a sand filter, we have the necessary skills to quickly diagnose and repair or replace your pool filter, to get your pool back to the clarity you desire. For pool filter repair, call us today.

Swimming Pool Heaters

Swimming pool heater repair and replacement is an area of our industry that requires an advanced skillset. For over 18 years our heater technician has been committed to ongoing pool heater technical training.  The safety of your family is our number one priority, you can rest assured that WaterTex Pools cuts no corners.

Swimming Pool Plumbing

With the pool party right around the corner and water flooding your yard, plumbing issues always have a way of popping up at the least opportune time. Whether you have a simple cracked fitting, or a complex vacuum leak, our considerable understanding of swimming pool hydraulics assures you that we will get to the root of your pool plumbing repair.

Swimming Pool Electrical

With most human beings deathly afraid of electricity, (not without good reason) this is one area even the do it yourselfers stay away from! Don’t worry, we can help! Not only are we qualified and licensed to diagnose and repair your swimming pool's electrical problems, we enjoy the challenges that can come with electrical issues. Call us for all your swimming pool electrical repair needs.

Automation for Swimming Pool Equipment

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Pool automation is our passion! We have the experience to get your old automation system back up and going, or bring you up to speed with a pool you can control from anywhere with your smart-phone or computer. Now you can check on your pool while on vacation, or have your spa heated by the time you get home from dinner.

Salt Systems for Swimming Pools

Salt water pools are the new norm. With the affordability of adding a salt system to your pool, who wants irritated skin, itchy eyes or damaged hair? With systems for every budget, we can get you swimming in comfort in no time. For salt pool repair or conversion, call the experts at WaterTex Pools.