Swimming Pool Heater Repair and Maintenance

The very essence of having a swimming pool is the satisfying and refreshing feel of coolness while relaxing afloat on a sweltering day. When the season’s change and the warm days change into cold and chilly nights, a well-maintained swimming pool heater works like magic. That is why regular maintenance and repair of your swimming pool heater is very crucial.

As a preventative heater measure, observing a weekly maintenance routine might avoid frequent swimming pool heater repair. Unfortunately, replacing your pool heater parts is inevitable, even with the constant swimming pool heater maintenance.

Common Reasons Why Pool Water Heaters Stop Working

There are several reasons why swimming pool heaters become faulty. In all pools, the heater is the regulator for the temperature. Most internal heaters consist of gas lines, electrical wiring, valves, and sensors. When one of these components becomes faulty, damaged, broken, or worn out, the results are often an overall heater malfunction. Here are some of the most common problems pool owners face.

  • Clogged or broken filter leading to inadequate water flow and low water pressure-It is the most common reason why the heater won’t ignite due to The low water pressure leaving the heater. To avoid this, always ensure that your pump and filter are devoid of any debris or dirt.
  • Faulty gas valve- this overlooked reason will cause your filter not to work because there is no gas supply to feed the heater. Always flip the valve on before igniting your pool heater.
  • Closed filter valve- ensure that all the valves are open and that the water flow is constant for the heater to work smoothly.
  • Excessive exposure to heat
  • Improper water chemistry
  • Old and worn out pieces of equipment
  • Faulty electrical component due to improper heater installation

The above reasons should prompt you to take proper steps into a thorough swimming pool heater maintenance schedule. Addressing these issues fast helps to avoid a worst-case scenario.

How to Diagnose a Faulty Swimming Pool Heater

It should not take years before conducting a diagnostic evaluation for your pool heater. Ignoring the apparent signs of a faulty swimming pool heater might cost you a reasonable sum of money for extensive repairs if the problem is not detected. You may even have to purchase a new heater for your pool.

There are a few telltale signs of a faulty pool heater, and one of them is an unusual noise. This sign might indicate a blockage or loosened parts. Other signs include the pool heater not heating the pool water, turning on and off, overheating due to low airflow, soot build-up, water leaks leading to severe damage to the electric system, and not igniting if switched on.

Troubleshooting a Pool Heater

Pool repairs have become more complicated than it used to be some years back. That is why it is not advisable to do it yourself as the process involves many electric, gas, and water components, which is dangerous for an amateur.

Troubleshooting or fixing a swimming pool heater requires proper training and experience for better results and safety. Plus, WaterTex Pools have the tools and the necessary expertise to get your swimming pool heater going. They carefully diagnose and troubleshoot your pool’s heating problem and address each issue one at a time.

Professional Swimming Pool Heater Repair and Maintenance Services

Routine swimming pool heater maintenance is of utmost importance and helps manage premature repairs from growing into extensive damages. However, the professional staff at WaterTex Pools Services has got you covered. With over 18 years of pool and equipment repair experience, and expertly trained specialists, Water Tex Pools can help you with their advance knowledge of swimming pool heater repairs, pumps, filters, electrical, automation, and saltwater systems. They are also a fully licensed and insured service provider. With many years of heater repair expertise, WaterTex Pools have extensive experience with all types of heater brands and models, including Pentair, Jandy, Raypak, and Hayward. This experience has allowed them to handle even the most complex swimming pool heater repair for their customers.

All swimming pool heater repairs should be taken seriously and handled soon. Therefore, if you experience any pool heater problems, do not hesitate to call and set up a maintenance plan with WaterTex Pool’s reliable swimming pool technicians.