WaterTex Offers Pool Equipment Repair in Weatherford, Tx

Pool Equipment Repair Maintenance Weatherford, Tx

Pool Pumps:

Our specialists are proficient in all brands and models of pool siphons, including: Pentair, Jandy or Hayward. Regardless of whether you have a solitary speed, two speed, or pump with variable speed, we can get the flow of your pool going to its maximum capacity.

Pool Filters:

The filter is an indispensable part of any pool system. Regardless of whether you have a DE, cartridge or a sand filter, we have the expertise to quickly get your pool filtration back in proper running order and your pool looking clear and pristine.

Pool Heaters:

Our experience in the pool industry is top notch and we have a range of abilities in repair of many styles of heaters. For more than 18 years our professionals have been focused on proper pool heater repairs and function and keeping your family at just the right temp for their enjoyment.

Plumbing in Pools:

With the pool party directly around the bend and water flooding your yard, pool plumbing repair issues could really wreak havoc on your get togethers. Regardless of whether you have a basic split fitting, or a complicated vacuum release, our in depth knowledge of pool hydrodynamics guarantees you that we will get to the root of your pool pipe issues.

Electrical Repair for Pool:

Most people are scared of power issues, (and with valid justification)...No worries... we can help! In addition to the fact that we are qualified and authorized to analyze and fix your electrical problems, we can troubleshoot additional difficulties that can accompany pool electrical repair issues.

Automation for Pool Equipment:

Pool mechanization is our obsession! We have the experience to makeover your old equipment and get you up and going so you can update your pool from anyplace with your smart phone, tablet or PC. Then you can mind your pool while at dinner, or on travel and even have your spa warmed when you return home from supper.

Pool Salt Systems:

Salt water pools are the new standard and a great health benefit too! Who needs irritated skin and eyes or frizzed, damaged hair? We can get you swimming in an oasis in no time.