Save Money Hire A Professional!

I, like many people out there am a do it yourselfer. Having a large family on a budget makes this a necessity of the “big family lifestyle”. Large families are hard on everything from vehicles (running kiddos around everywhere) to washing machines, with loads running around the clock!

Over the years, my DIY habits have changed a bit. I have learned the hard way that sometimes buying new, or hiring a professional to do the job, is more cost effective in the end. I have often found myself paying to do it myself two or three times, before hiring a professional to do things the right way. In the end had I just paid them up front, I would have ended up spending a lot less money.

Now I’m not trying to talk anyone out of taking on a task themselves, often times money and time can both be saved by doing the task yourself. Sometimes the issue requires immediate attention and there is not enough time to wait for a professional, and some homeowners are perfectly capable of handling many projects themselves. Here are just a few things to consider before making the decision:


Most pool pump, pool heater and pool automation manufacturers offer a limited to no warranty on their product, unless it’s installed and purchased by a pool professional. Other trades are adopting this model as well.

Insider Information:

Professionals do this for a living, all day, every day. We can make an accurate diagnosis of that pool pump, pool heater or pool automation and know the little tricks that avoid the “trial and error” part of the project.

Underlying Issues:

Although you may be able to get a pool pump motor cheaper online and you may be handy at mechanical repairs, often times the broken item is only a symptom of a much deeper root issue. For instance, a pool pump seal may continue to fail if you have a leaking pump suction plumbing fitting or valve. If you are unable to get to the root of the failure, you are doomed to have it repeat itself.

The Right Professional:

Are you hiring the right person for the job? An oil change place may be able to make some minor repairs to your car, but it is probably not a great idea to have them rebuild your engine. A handy man or pool cleaner may be able to make minors swimming pool equipment repairs, but are they the best option for diagnosing and repairing your gas fired spa heater, or installing a full swimming pool automation system?

Before starting a DIY repair, count the cost. If it is a project you feel confident in, great! I say do it, but if you have too many concerns, or not enough knowledge, you may save money calling a professional.

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